Sikhonathi Sikho Feni
How to book an appointment with you because i tried to phone but no one is picking up the call and i also sent you an email still no feedback.
Zanzyl Van Rooyen
Dr Tini is the best doctor. She took such good care of me and made me and my husband feel so comfortable. She's so friendly and just overall an amazing person. What an pleasant experience❤️
Viwe Konongo
She is the best Gynecologist for me and understands my needs and baby's needs.
sive nkebe
Dr Tini is a very smart,kind and even funny doctor.She was very welcoming to my family and gives best professional advice.My experience with her was soo great that I even got broody after giving birth.The ladies at the reception are also very nice
Tanya Alexander
Dr Tini is a good Dr, she knows how to treat her patients in state of emergency. My biggest frustration with her practice was the front desk staff. When Dr Tini is running behind schedule as you can imagine in this industry it is understandable that patients in rooms will have to wait to be seen. However, when you arrive on time and a different patient has arrived before you but have a later appointment, they will be assisted first so basically “first come first serve” bases which I could never understand. The reception staff do not keep track of payments made and when I requested confirmation of a settled account, we waited a month.